Cheap LATAM ticket: flights for R$130!

Take advantage of unmissable promotions for national and international flights. You can even buy flights and book your hotel directly on the LATAM website with a discount of up to 40%!


With LATAM discounts you can buy air tickets to destinations inside and outside Brazil!

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That weekend getaway or long-awaited international trip can become a reality when you buy a cheap plane ticket from LATAM! These are unmissable promotions!

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In fact, the company also offers bonus points in its miles program and you can buy travel packages with Flights+Hotel at an affordable price. See more information below.

How about taking advantage of LATAM sections from R$130? 

Currently, you can buy your cheap plane ticket through the LATAM website or app, taking advantage of exclusive discounts. In addition, the company also offers the option of promotional packages.

In fact, if you have available dates and destinations, the discounts are even greater! Once you access the official page, keep an eye on the promotional excerpts by clicking on the “On offer” tab.



LATAM Airlines

Discount Flights

Find national and international air tickets at low prices!

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Meanwhile, for those who want to enjoy and save time and money, buying a travel package may be the right choice. The company offers a 40% discount, in addition to LATAM Pass points.

If you want to plan your international trip, know that you can also buy cheap LATAM flights in the “Offers and destinations” tab. Offers include Lisbon, New York, Buenos Aires and even Paris. 

Tips that no one knows about to buy a cheap ticket on LATAM!

Haven't planned your vacation trip yet? So don't worry, we'll help you buy your airline ticket cheaply via the LATAM website or app.

In this sense, there are some less conventional tips for getting cheaper flights with the company. So, pack your bags and follow along to save money on your trip!

Flash promotions

As you may already know, LATAM frequently launches flash promotions with airline tickets at very low prices. But how can you find out about these offers in real time?

Well, it's very simple! Simply subscribe to the LATAM newsletter and follow their social networks to receive instant notifications of these offers. 

In fact, these promotions often only last a few hours, so be prepared to act quickly.

Multiplus Points

The LATAM Pass loyalty program is very advantageous. In this sense, it allows you to accumulate points that can be exchanged for airline tickets and other benefits. 

In addition to flights, you can accumulate points on everyday purchases with program partners. 

So, keep an eye out for promotions for transferring points from credit cards to LATAM Pass, which can offer attractive bonuses.

Compare airport codes

Are you going to travel to a big city? Well, know that there is another way to buy a cheap ticket from LATAM or even from other companies. 

In large cities, there is more than one airport available. Therefore, compare ticket prices to different nearby airports. 

Flying to a secondary airport may be cheaper. For example, when traveling to São Paulo, consider both Guarulhos Airport (GRU) and Congonhas Airport (CGH). 

Bank partnerships

Many banks offer exclusive promotions to buy a cheap LATAM ticket. So, check with your bank to see if there are any partnerships or discounts available.

In fact, if you have a credit card that accumulates points or miles the chances are greater. Additionally, some banks have promotional periods.

Therefore, they offer special conditions for purchasing tickets, such as interest reduction when paying in installments or extra accumulation of points. Stay tuned! 

Is it worth using the LATAM app to buy a cheap ticket?

For sure! After all, the LATAM app allows you to receive real-time notifications about promotions and special offers. 

Furthermore, in some cases, LATAM offers exclusive promotions for application users. This means that when you book directly through the app, you can access special rates.

Furthermore, the app also makes it easier to accumulate and redeem points from the LATAM Pass loyalty program. You can manage your account in a practical way and exchange points directly in the app.

Is LATAM a good airline? 

First of all, know that this is one of the main choices for travelers throughout Latin America. So, you can take advantage of LATAM offers and buy a cheap ticket without fear.

Furthermore, LATAM offers a wide network of destinations, covering several regions in Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia.

The company is known for providing quality onboard service. Passengers frequently praise the courtesy of the crew, the cleanliness of the aircraft and the punctuality of the flights.

Some advantages of choosing the company

  • Comfort and entertainment on board
  • Punctuality on flights
  • Modern aircraft
  • Advantageous miles program
  • Sustainability initiatives

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If, in addition to buying a cheap LATAM ticket, you want to take advantage of offers from other companies, how about using the main meta-search engines on the internet? So, do you want to know how to do it?

Below you will find exclusive content to save on your next vacation with discounts that can reach 70%! So, go and see which sites are trustworthy.

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Best sites to find cheapest flights

Platforms that offer cheap flights not only give you discounts, but also simplify purchasing. You can compare prices and buy much more easily!

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